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Good Practice Booklet for Job-Seekers

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The DIGI-BREAKERS PLUS Good Practice Booklet is now available at the project website.
In it you will find 35 examples of resources for job seekers in Europe. There are five examples each from Bulgaria, Belgium, Italy, Sweden and Lithuania, and a further 10 from around Europe. The form of each good practice includes resource portals, educational platforms, self-assessment, online coaching and training handbooks alongside recent innovative learning methods such as gamification and scenario-based learning.

These initiatives are implemented by a mix of corporate, government and non-government organisations and target the full range of job-seeking demographics, from the general population to specific groups such as vulnerable women, young people, migrants, the long-term unemployed and career changers. The good practices all have elements that fit into the EU Green Competencies (GreenComp) framework. Values such as systems thinking, critical thinking, supporting fairness, adaptability and collective action run throughout these projects, which we will learn from and incorporate into our own project results.

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