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Become part of the network

In 2017, the Board of Directors of the Global Libraries – Bulgaria Foundation decided to enable public libraries that share the mission and goals of the Foundation to become part of the Global Libraries family and to work together for the public libraries.

Candidates for joining the network must meet the following criteria:
  • To have a separate room
  • To have a library fund with a volume of at least 3,000 registered library units
  • To have a minimum of two Internet-connected computers for users
  • To have a minimum of 0.5 full-time librarians secured. The working hours of the library must be in accordance with those regulated in the Standard for Library and Information Services.
By joining the partner network, the libraries are committed to work towards the achievement of the following goals:
  • To create conditions for free and equal access to information, internet and electronic services.
  • To promote information literacy, lifelong learning, civic participation, local and community development.
  • To support the social integration of disadvantaged groups by improving access to information.
The partnership with GLBF enables the newly joined libraries to:
  • Apply in the competition sessions for small project grants by the Foundation.
  • Participate in the trainings organized / financed by the Foundation.
  • Take part, as partners, in projects of the Foundation supported by various programs with external funding.


Twice a year, in July 1 and November, at its meetings, the Board of Directors of GLBF examines the applications received and approves new candidates.
Тhe community centers (chitalishte), in which the libraries meet the criteria, sign then Cooperation Agreements.

The completed application form should be sent to the e-mail or to the postal address: Global Libraries Foundation – Bulgaria, Hristo Belchev St. 1, 4th floor, Sofia 1000

Below is available the application template (Bulgarian language only).

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