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THE NATIONAL FORUM, •LIBRARIES TODAY•, aims to present the role of public libraries in modern society and outline their potential as focal points for the local community, through the implementation of national and European policies in various spheres of socio-economic life such as non-formal education, access to culture, and access to the information resources of the global information society.

The forum has been held annually since 2016, with GLBF as its main initiator and organiser. The participants in the forums represent public libraries from all over the country, state and local authorities, non-governmental and educational organizations, and the business world. Each edition of the forum supports the development of the managerial capacity and professional skills of library specialists, so that they can provide quality services to users. They equally draw attention to new opportunities for public libraries and the services they can provide in the context of a developing information society in the 21st century, and discuss world trends in the development of services and programs for citizens and their practical implementation in the Bulgarian context.

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