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Educational materials

Here you can find educational materials, produced out of various GLBF activities.

Trainings to improve the skills of the unemployed and jobseekers | Good Practices

The purpose of this compendium of good practices from Europe – developed in the context of the DIGI-BREAKER project – is to function as a compass to guide adult educators and provide them with selected useful information.

The collected examples – five each from Bulgaria, Belgium, Italy, Sweden and Lithuania and another 10 collected from all over Europe – are those in which teachers and trainers have managed to positively design a learning process with the support of digital technologies and try to use them in other settings (resource portals, educational platforms, self-assessment facility, online coaching and training manuals, along with the latest innovative learning methods such as gamification and scenario-based learning).

The proposed initiatives are implemented by corporate, governmental or non-governmental organizations and target different groups of jobseekers – responding to general demands, but also addressing specific groups such as vulnerable women, young people, migrants, long-term unemployed and people in the process of occupational reorientation. The selected good practices also partially fit into the EU Green Competence Framework (GreenComp). Values such as systems thinking, critical thinking, maintaining equity, adaptability and collective action are integrated into these projects, and we will learn from them to incorporate them into the outcomes of our own projects.



Digital Skills Development in European Public Libraries | Webinar series

All webinars that were conducted in relation to the ADELE project in 2023 are available to be watched on the project’s website
Webinar Topics
🟣ADELE Webinar 1: EU initiatives on digital skills and education
🟣ADELE Webinar 2: A digital strategy for the public library
🟣ADELE Webinar 3: Digital skills training activities in the public library
🟣ADELE Webinar 4: Engaging young people in public libraries with new technologies


The Library - a Unifying Center of the NGO Sector and the Community

This handbook was prepared under the project The Library – a Unifying Center of the NGO Sector and the Community implemented in the region of Kardzhali, Razgrad and Vratsa, Bulgaria and realized in the period 2015 – 2016 with the financial support of the Financial mechanism of the European Economic Area 2009-2014.
The project is a joint initiative of GLBF and BCause Foundation
It was also carried out with the dedication of the teams in three regional public libraries:
RB “N.Y. Vaptsarov” – Kardzhali, RB “Prof. Boyan Penev” – Razgrad and RB “Hristo Botev” – Vratsa.

Download toolkit (Bulgarian language only)

Financial Literacy in Libraries

Financial Literacy in Libraries – a Model for Informal Education of Older People.

The FINLIT project has as its main goal to increase the level of financial literacy of the elderly, using a new approach and the enormous potential of public libraries as centers for informal education and lifelong learning.

Additional information and resources related to the project are available on the project’s website, here

Download toolkit (Bulgarian language only)

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