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Ars in Libro at a Library in Rila


Ars in Libro – from the Rila mountain, through the field to the sea  is a project that contributes to the decentralization of cultural life in Bulgaria – supported by a program of the NCF related to the distribution of already created creative products from the field of visual arts.

The above mentioned creative products in this case are books (obsolete, physically worn and multi-volume editions) removed from the library’s collection and turned into Ars in Libro – the so-called art in a book. The works of art were created under the already implemented project “A treat for the eyes and the soul – a new life for books with the Orimoto technique”, program Socially engaged arts 22, Campaigns to address a social problem through art, financed by the National Culture Fund.

The current project Ars in Libro – from Rila mountain, through the field to the sea is implemented by the “Hristo Botev – 1898” Chitalishte Center in Rila, according to the Financial Support Agreement No. RPR-V-2023-6 dated 10/31/ 2023, with the financial support of the National Culture Fund, Dissemination Program. The project activities will continue until the end of November 2024.

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